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WHO WE ARE: TDG is a boutique, Vancouver-based full-service REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT AND SITE PROJECT CONSULTING FIRM. Our firm has managed many projects in the Province of British Columbia.  We understand how to manage and address the complexities and finite requirements for each municipality. What works is Kelowna, may not work in Victoria, Prince George or Vernon…… TDG is currently working on development projects in many regions of the Province. Our TEAM has over 50 Years of Development Experience. There is no substitute for experience….. We will get you the permit.

WHAT WE DO: TDG specializes in analysing optimal uses for land as applicable for each location, city or region. Our business model is focused on the development options available to each specific parcel or of land.  From single parcel development to land assembly projects, rezoning applications, best use analysis, yield studies, subdivision plans, feasibility studies through the entire land development and permit application. Our TEAM has worked on projects in over 20 municipalities in the Province of British Columbia.

HOW WE WORKTDG will conduct a detailed development feasibility study at the on set of our engagement with each client/site. Our in-house TEAM consists of professional, accredited architects and engineers.  We confirm zoning, land usage, OCP/ NCP allowance, plus other relevant development information related to the subject land parcel. Our firm will communicate directly with the city planners, city engineers and all other local industry professionals to ensure the development options available are accurate, viable and achievable.

WHY WORK WITH US: TDG has full comprehension of the entire process from land use, land assembly, land development proposal.  The zoning of the land may state the potential for development or may need to be amended or possibly the land may need be assembled with the neighbouring property to insure the viability of development.  Our expertise charts a path forward for our clients in the optimal uses and best value of their properties through redevelopment. Our TEAM offers a vast array of design, development, and industry professionals for all projects. We approach each project with an initial detailed feasibility study allows us to intersect with all disciplines required to make projects real. First thing we do is we, identify if your land has the opportunity for development.

WHO IS ON OUR TEAM: TDG TEAM consists of, and has direct affiliation with, architects, conceptual designers, commercial real estate agents, development and land assembly agents, engineers, and other industry professionals. Our firm has built a network of development industry professionals that offer their specialized services, which are vital to all aspects of development. Land Development is very complex, with multiple moving parts always.  Our TEAM has the experience and network in place to assist every project from CONCEPT TO OCCUPANCY.   TDG will manage every aspect of your development opportunity.


WHEN WE GET STARTED: TDG specializes in initial land/development massing concepts and sourcing land development options, determining best use for the parcel(s). From lot assembly and engagement of the design consultant team, negotiation of complex zoning with municipalities, and leading projects as development managers through all permitting stages of the project.  If there is a path and opportunity for development. TDG will get the project to a viable development stage. Identify if we have a developable site, design a conceptual plan, communicate with the city , work toward an Approved Development  Permit and Building Permit.

WHAT ARE WE WORKING ON: TDG  currently, we has active projects on Vancouver Island, the Interior , North BC,  and Lower Mainland. Understanding the municipal guidelines, community growth and intricacies of the city are important to achieve permit approval. Our projects include  Residential Development, Rental Housing, Mixed-Use Projects, Multi Family, Subdivision , Land Assembly , Master Community Development and Changes of Use, for both New and Redevelopment projects.  The money is the land, TDG will help you get the money out….. Call us today to learn more about your land.

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